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Envisioned in virtual book form, SOLUTIONS are digital 'drawings' combining word-processing, image making, and web-uploading softwares.  (.doc; .pages; .psd; .jpg; .gif; .pdf; )  
I began to see that type rationalized on-screen in an entirely different way from a digital image.  Zooming in and out over type doesn't reduce the clarity as system software accommodates for varying screen sizes, resolutions and original font size. 
In SOLUTIONS, I have overlain pixilated images of type with word-processed type to observe the fleeting momentary reconciliation of the two as they appear on the screen.  With enlargement, the virtual book image quickly pixilates to incoherence while the type retains clarity. 
As such, SOLUTIONS is a screen-based work, not quite a video, but requiring the images to be moveable by the viewer, adjustable in scale, and capable of being seen on screens of different size and formatting. 

I brazenly term SOLUTIONS as 'drawings'.  The component of digital imagery is the pixel, and exactly as a pencil point or paintbrush is entirely in control of the artist, little else is, so too can the quality and arrangement of pixels.  Pixel by pixel if necessary.  I concede that the notion of 'control' does stretch a point - pencil in hand, the artist may be drawing and in control, but the resulting drawing can slip beyond intention to mistake, surprise or inspiration at a stroke.  So with working pixels. 

Digital images can be made into hard copy at the push of the 'print' button, and it is immediately apparent that the on-screen image reads as differently on paper as an oil painting does on a pixilated screen.  One 'represents' the other adequately, if palely. 
Elements in SOLUTIONS are irreproducible on paper, for examples, the type juxtapositoning factor and the interplay of image pixel and screen resolution.  The colour hues and intensity are entirely different however elaborately the printing is set up. 
New 'controls' now take precedence as printed elements emerge that the screen cannot convey.  The prints have scale and a physical weight, to hand, and in the eye. 

The source material of Solutions is outlined in commentary.               
Quill,Wax,Knife SOLUTIONS - by hand & in digital, in progress ...