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Kevin Jackson was born and educated in the UK. 
Jackson exhibits his work in the UK and in galleries around the world and has undertaken a range of commissioned works for corporations, public areas and private clients. 
He has a Masters Degree from Chelsea School of Art, London, and worked as lecturer, fine art printer, and engraver. 
For 20 years he was a commercial printmaker working in a creative collaboration with fellow artist Rima Farah. 
Their speciality was the architectural textures and colours of the Arab World.  Farah.Jackson's paintings and limited edition prints were exhibited in Europe, Japan, North America and throughout the Middle East. 
Jackson's work since, continues to be influenced by this long engagement with the Middle East.  A visit to India in 2006 resulted in a draft novel.  Short stories, articles and a blog Blogspot followed in a three year gap from the art studio. 
He continues to write, draw and make prints. 
His investigation, concern and curiosity at our responses to the virtual world and digital imaging are foremost in the wwwdot series of drawings; SOLUTIONS, digital and intaglio prints stemming from his virtual books of the same name; ReCycling Greens, the artist's artwork on miniature slips of reused packaging material; and CUBAdisco, a sequence of paintings started on the Atlantic coast of Cuba, which are the direct precursors to the STARTLE paintings of 2015. 

Jackson's work is represented in Royal, National Museum, corporate and private collections. 

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Kevin Jackson - artist profile and c.v.
Kevin Jackson - artist profile and c.v.